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Trip Description

You will visit some of the most important birding sites in Cuba, including the wetlands of the Zapata Peninsula (a Biosphere Reserve), Viñales and Cayo Coco. Caya Coco is one of the most important migratory stops in all of the Caribbean. A good mix of habitats will be covered, including forests, marshes, mangroves, coastal shrubs, patches of grass, and lagoons.

Everyone will also enjoy seeing Cuba from Havana, Trinidad and most of the western two-thirds of the country. You will see Havana (the capital city of Havana), the country side, and a good mix of small town life to other cultural opportunities, such as Camaguey (a UNESCO world heritage site). Cuba’s rich cultural, music and historic traditions will be accessible, as you travel throughout the country.

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Havana and Transer to Viñales

Day 2: AM Transfer and bird on the way to Guanahacabibes; PM Surveys in Guanahacabibes

Day 3: FULL Day Survey in Guanahacabibes

Day 4: AM Trasfer to Viñales; PM Birding in Viñales

Day 5: AM Surveys in Viñales; Drive to Zapata; Late PM Surveys in Zapata

Day 6: Great Start for Zapata: Full Day of Bird Surveys in Bermeja

Day 7: Further Work in Zapata: AM Surveys in Marsh Habitat at Santo Tomás; PM Investigate Sites Around the Greater Zapata Area.

Day 8: AM Final Surveys in Zapata; Drive to Camaguey

Day 9: AM Survey Najasa; PM Survey Cayo Coco

Day 10: AM Survey Cayo Paredón Grande; PM Survey Cayo Guillermo

Day 11:: AM Surveys on Cayo Coco; Most of Day Drive to Havana (With a Few Study Sites Along the Way)

Day 12: Full Day Havana Cultural Experience

Day 13:  Flights Home Today

Lead By: Martin Hagne

Local Expert: Alejandro Llanes

Alejandro Llanes

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