Kirkconnell Birds Conservancy, LLC. (KBC) is committed to the conservation of Cuban birds: Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean. It is home to over 374 bird species, of which 26 (including the world’s smallest bird) are endemic to the island—15 Cuban species are considered globally threatened. Cubans are undertaking action now, but support is necessary in order that some of the last remaining wilderness areas of Cuba and indeed the Caribbean, are not lost forever. A unique opportunity currently exists to realize tangible conservation action for up to 13 of the globally threatened species and a number of endemics, whilst also helping to facilitate the development of national and Caribbean-wide conservation programs.


  • Program Goals

    • Improve knowledge on the natural history of Cuban endemics and threatened birds: bird distribution, habitat requirements, nesting and feeding ecology.
    • Improve habitat protection for native species and important wintering sites for migratory species.
    • Improve the protected bird areas in Cuba.
    • Improve environmental education among people.


Kirkconnell’s Birding Tours and Surveys are specialized in top-quality birdwatching throughout all Cuba with more than 28 years of experience, guided by passionate and experienced professional tour leaders. We’ve designed the current birding itineraries. While our mission is first and foremost to deliver the ultimate birding experience, our tours are also educational, fun and excellent value for your time!

To those who have already toured with us, we say thank you for your loyalty and support, and if you have yet to experience a Kirkconnell’s Birds tour and survey, we look forward to having you on one of our upcoming birding adventures!


    • Customer-Focused: We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service. That’s why groups will never exceed 6 participants.
    • Results-Oriented: We believe our success depends upon our leadership and management teams’ abilities to focus and execute their mission.
    • Teamwork: We believe in building and maintaining long-term, professional, win-win relationships with our clients, and all our business partners in order to achieve mutual success.
    • Excellence: We are committed to being a high performance team, by staying focused on total customer satisfaction. We continuously analyze our processes and ourselves in order to become the best of the best.
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Meet your guides

Arturo Kirkconnell Sr
Arturo Kirkconnell SrBird guide and Photographer
Arturo Kirkconnell is the bird curator at the National Museum of Natural History of Cuba. His curriculum vitae includes 77 scientific papers and he is the co-author of two books: A Field Guide to the Birds of Cuba, and A Birdwatchers’ Guide to Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico and the Caymans. At present he is working in another project: The birds of Cuba that will be published by the BOU Checklist Series. Arturo has been leading birding tours in his native Cuba since 1988. To date he has guided more than 200 birding groups. He designed the present birding itinerary and the main birding strategies in Cuba.
Arturo Kirkconnell Jr
Arturo Kirkconnell JrBird guide and Photographer
Arturo Kirkconnell Jr, born and raised in Havana Cuba, he studied Computer Science, but since the age of 12 he has been birding and traveling through all the country with his father Arturo Kirkconnell, participating in many of his expedition and bird research as his field assistant.

The first tour he leads was for British birders at the age of twenty. Since then he has been doing it. At present, he is 30 years old and currently working on several projects on the birds of Cuba, as the Photographic Field Guide To The Birds Of Cuba, an App for the Birds of Cuba as many others.


  • Small groups, never bigger than 8 participants (Unless clientes requested).
  • We excel in delivering outstanding RESULTS. We exceed our customers’ expectations every time.
  • Our customers and partners can always trust us to conduct business with honesty and integrity.
  • We are dependable and reliable in everything we do. We always deliver what we promise and we do it on time.
  • Our scrupulous attention to details leads us to excellence and great achievements. We always pay attention to details. No detail is ever too small or insignificant.
  • Our customers are our lifeblood. We are only successful when they are completely satisfied with the results of our work.
  • We are passionate about our work, and we are the best at what we do. We are leaders, not followers, and we always set the bar high.
  • We give everything we do 120% and then we try even harder. We never quit and we always learn from our mistakes.
Leading Tours- 30 years 93%
Photography – 10 years 80%

Some of our clients says

Our Cuba Birding Trip 

What a wonderful tour! Arturo’s keen eyes and ears led us to see so many endemics. His knowledge made the journey a true cultural learning experience. His humor put all of us in a good mood no matter how early in the morning we were off to bird.   Thank you so much!! 

Thomas Carlisle

Great time visiting Cuba

I had a great time visiting Cuba with Arturo. We had great views of lots of endemics. The places we stayed at were great and the food was always delicious. The driver of our van was friendly and got us safely to where ever we needed to go. There was time to visit museums, old cities, gardens and the beach which made it extra enjoyable.… Read more “Great time visiting Cuba”

Loren Hintz

Thanks for the wonderful Cuba birding trip

Arturo Jr: I am not very good at the computer thing, and could not get the reference you sent for the testimonies to work on my computer. But I wanted for sure to send you a message of thanks for one of the best trips of my life (and my sister’s too) We have been to many birding festivals and on guided trips in other… Read more “Thanks for the wonderful Cuba birding trip”

Frances O Reilly

April 2 to 12, 2017 Cuba trip

My sister and I signed up for this Cuba birding tour from a site we found on the Internet. What we hoped for was to see a few Cuban endemics and maybe add in some snorkeling. What we got was way beyond our expectations. Our companions (luck of the draw) were hilarious. Our driver, Hernan, was skilled, especially at dodging potholes. Our accommodations and victuals… Read more “April 2 to 12, 2017 Cuba trip”

Ellen Przyuski

Cuba birding just a blast

What a great time I had birding in Cuba! The birds are stunning – from the diminutive bee hummingbird to the endless flocks of flamingos, they will take your breath away. Exploring the countryside to find these birds was equally thrilling. Our guide, Arturo Jr., took us on a journey across this stunning landscape to locate almost every Cuban and West Indian endemic possible. He… Read more “Cuba birding just a blast”

Kathy Minch

Cuba Birding

I cannot say enough about the fantastic birding in Cuba, thanks to our guide Arturo Kirkconnell, Jr. Arturo made sure that we all heard the calls, saw the birds and were able to get good photos as well. Arturo has great contacts and was able to put us on even the most reticent birds. The accommodations were very good, the food excellent & plentiful and… Read more “Cuba Birding”

Claire Romanak

Birding trip to Cuba 

After a truly wonderful trip to Cuba led by Arturo (Jr.), I can’t sing his praises highly enough. As I expected, the guiding was superb. It was all the extra efforts to make the trip as enjoyable as possible that really made a difference. In addition to fantastic bird watching, we had culture, sightseeing, and even some live music, making it a memorable trip in… Read more “Birding trip to Cuba “

Patricia Palmer

Cuban Tour Oct 2017 

My ten-day tour with Arturo Jr, my first organized birding tour outside the U.S., was well represented and organized. What called my attention to it was being in the “out back” of Cuba, seeing the countryside and getting to know the people outside of the cities. I was not disappointed. At every destination, we had lovely experiences awaiting us, delightful Casas particulares – similar to… Read more “Cuban Tour Oct 2017 “

Betty Snow